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Diamond Drilling & Sawing Career Ladder

Diamond Drilling & Sawing Career Ladder

Looking for a new career? Just getting into the working world? or Are you currently working in the diamond drilling and sawing industry? unsure about the steps you need to take to reach the top of the career ladder and become a manager?

Step 1:

The first step on the Diamond Drilling and Sawing career ladder is to start as a trainee operator and signed up for a Level 2 NVQ Diploma in drilling and sawing. New operatives can sign up to the DSA Apprenticeship scheme. An 18-month program that consists of onsite and offsite training with blended learning (online and offline learning).

Step 2:

Climbing up the career from becoming a skilled operator and gaining more experience on-site, the next step will be to become a supervisor once this role has been achieved you can start the level 3 supervisor qualification. The route for this qualification is the on-site assessment route (OSAT). Designed for the candidate to gain experience on-site alongside off-site training days.

Step 3:

The final career stage in diamond drilling and sawing is a manager’s role within this role the next level NVQ would be the level 6 Construction Contracting Operations Management. Manager roles with diamond drilling and sawing don’t manage the whole construction site. However, they are specialist sector managers and are responsible for managing work activities within their occupational area on a construction site. Again, the candidate will need to be currently working in a management position to complete this qualification.

To go above and beyond the career ladder, there is also a Level 7 NVQ Diploma Construction Senior Management, this qualification is designed for senior managers and can be a fast-track route to MCIOB. CIOB membership is also available but needs to be signed off by a CIOB chartered member.

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