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Level 2 NVQ Diploma Specialist Concrete Occupations (Construction) – Concrete Drilling and Sawing

Qualification information:

Recognition: N.O.S (National Occupational Standards)

Level 2 NVQ Diploma Specialist Concrete Occupations (Construction) – Concrete Drilling and Sawing

This Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Specialist Concrete Occupations – Concrete Drilling and Sawing provides the opportunity for individuals who specialise in concrete drilling and sawing to demonstrate their competence.

There are 3 routes available to achieve this NVQ

  • Experienced Worker Assessment (EWPA) – for experienced operatives with a minimum of 2 years experience – attracts CITB NVQ Achievement Grant currently £600
  • On-Site Assessment (OSAT) – for operatives from novice to experienced – attracts CITB NVQ Achievement Grant currently £600
  • DSA Apprenticeship Route – 18 month modular programme – Highly funded through the CITB

Must be CITB levied to receive a CITB grant 

Mandatory Units:

  • QCF641: Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare
  • QCF642: Conforming to Productive Working Practices
  • QCF643: Moving, Handling and Storing Resources in the Workplace
  • QCF360: Establishing Work Area Protection and Safety in the Workplace
  • QCF220: Reshaping using hand sawing techniques in the workplace – Angle Grinder – Power Saw – Ring Saw – Chasing Machine – Chainsaw
  • QCF221: Forming drill holes or core in the structural fabric (diamond core bits) in the workplace – Hand held diamond core or drill – Static drill rig diamond core – Trailer rig diamond core – Percussive drill
  • QCF222: Forming saw cuts in structural fabric material in the workplace – Push along floor saw – Self-propelled floor saw – Diamond-bladed track saw

Optional Units:

  • QCF223: Carrying out concrete bursting operations in the workplace
  • QCF224: Carrying out concrete crushing and breaking operations in the workplace – Portable hand crusher – Remote/radio controlled crusher and breaker – Umbilical cord control crusher and breaker
  • QCF226: Carrying out wire sawing in the workplace

Very easy and excellent course to be a part of, I received exceptional additional support from Joel Vinsant, the instructor. There was excellent course content, course literature and practical relevance to the course. The venue facilities were also great.

Gurjeet Singh

Lots of time was provided to discuss subjects and ask questions. I Found the group activities and discussions very useful and a good way of learning from others experiences.

Ray Wicks Foster Contracting Ltd

Course content delivered in a manner that is easy to understand and absorb. Made to feel extremely welcome by trainer and course provider despite my lack of knowledge and understanding for course content at the beginning. Extremely knowledgeable course and would recommend to anyone looking to further their understanding.

Josh Hare J Hare Diamond Drilling

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