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Learn online with TAC Ltd

Learn online with TAC Ltd

Learn online now! In partnership with the DSA who have developed an online learning platform for the apprenticeship scheme, taking it to a new level with digital formats. The rationale is to introduce new VR and AR learning materials which can be accessed 24/7 providing flexibility for the unpredictable construction environment allowing candidates to access the portal at home or work to successfuly learn online. Therefore, the portal offers apprentices the opportunity to access a preloaded system containing all theory work required to complete their training and qualification. This work should be completed before arriving at the training center providing the students less time in the classroom and more time on practical sessions.

Currently there are 29 apprentices on Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ’s already signed up and successfully working with the new eLearning platform. Candidates are proving that the eLearning system is benefiting them, Through the knowledge they are showing when attending the training center and their growing skills on the tools.

Each apprentice partaking in the scheme is provided with smart tablets, loaded with all training material required for each tool such as videos, operators’ manuals and guidance documents. The system allows apprentices to complete questions and provide evidence needed to complete their qualification. The eLearning platform also enables employers to monitor progress and engage with their employee’s qualification, providing support and more provide me experience opportunities in areas that may require practice.

Why we chose the Onefile eLearning System:

Onefile is a top eLearning platform used by many colleges and universities across the world. Recognised for its flexibility for all industries and varies formats. The platform covers both the eLearning in modular format and qualifications which maps the evidence to the standards.

If you would like to sign up to the updated NVQ apprenticeship, please call 0115 985 2455.

If you are already an apprentice on the eLearning system you can log on by going to our learning online section of the website.

Or Visit OneFile