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DSA Specialist Applied Programme – NVQ Level 2 Drilling and Sawing

DSA Specialist Applied Programme – NVQ Level 2 Drilling and Sawing

Here at Training & Assessment Consultants we have just completed our 83rd intake for the SAP Programme, after 18 months of training these candidates have achieved the Drilling and Sawing Qualification,  here’s what they had to say about their experience….

“When starting the course I had minimum experience of a few days. I felt the environment of learning was supportive and constructive making me feel engaged and confident in new knowledge and concepts. The use of the online portal to be able to learn modules in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace was superb and combined with the personable approach by the TAC instructors gave me a solid and ever growing platform to advance my learning and understanding.

Through every section of the course I have been shown the safe, responsible method with care and understanding to support all learning abilities. Growing team cohesion and group learning I have developed peer friendships to continue my growth beyond this.

I now possess a good understanding of all areas covered and am proud to say this has been achieved with the support and tuition of the guys at TAC.

“Thanks for everything”
Chad Mears

“When I started Drilling & Sawing I had no confidence, after the first few courses I became more and more familiar with the machinery and processes allowing me to work with plant day in day out in a safe and efficient manner.

We have had demonstrations and training on servicing the machinery used which gives a good understanding before use when accompanied with men like Greg who know this industry and know what’s expected I felt this gave me a head start on-site.

Thank you to everyone involved.

P.S. the pizza isn’t too bad”  – Chris Martinos


“I first started this course with limited knowledge, experience and confidence. Over the course period I have gained a much greater confidence in my abilities of being a Driller and Sawer and now feel ready taking on projects with the knowledge I have gained on the course.

It has been very hands on and in-depth learning how every piece of equipment works and how to keep it properly maintained.

I would like to thank all the instructors for their patience and keeping the learning side fun and informative”

George O’Donnell