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Role of Water in Diamond Drilling & Sawing

Role of Water in Diamond Drilling & Sawing

The role of water in diamond drilling and sawing is key, in all diamond drills and is used with most diamond saws and has many purposes such as:

A coolant

Water used in diamond drilling and sawing used for the tools acts as a coolant and lubricant for the blade and motor. When water is not used, tools will overheat and become unusable, the drill bit weakens, and the saw blade loses tension resulting in imprecise cuts.

Dust Suppression

When concrete is cut using diamond drilling and sawing tools, airborne dust is emitted exposing operators to respirable crystalline silica (RCS). Exposure to RCS can cause silicosis and lung cancer. Water suppresses the dust, creating a cleaner and safer environment that protects the operators and the environment.

What happens to the water produced when diamond drilling and sawing?

Many would assume that the water produced would just be left.

However,  suppressed dust creates slurry, which is easier to clean after the work is done. A slurry vacuum collects the slurry, which is then emptied into a slurry/ waste management system. From there it filters the water and slurry. The filtered water can then be reused. The slurry collected is made into easy to handle slurry cakes that can be disposed of as construction recycling material.

Slurry cake

Filtered Water


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