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How does diamond drilling work?

How does diamond drilling work?


Firstly, to understand how diamond drilling works, you must understand what diamond drilling is.

Diamond Drilling is a form of core drilling that uses rotary drills. It works by using diamond segments integrated into the blade, which supports the creation of precisely measured holes.

Furthermore, the diamond drills are precision tools, creating clean, accurate holes with diameters ranging between 8mm to over 1500mm. As Diamond Drilling is a non-percussive technique the structural integrity is maintained, and vibration and noise are kept to a minimum. In addition to this, all diamond drill runs water through the driving shaft to ensure that the tool doesn’t overheat and the workspace remains dust-free.

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Why do people use Diamond Drills?

Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material in the world, making it the perfect material for cutting through almost anything including some of the toughest materials including concrete, metal, and glass. The only material these drills can’t cut through is wood and diamond. Diamond segments work by grinding, not cutting.  In other words, the grinding technique is achievable by exposing individual diamond crystals on the face and sides of the blades, rather than cutting.

What materials can you drill into?

Diamond drills can cut through almost all materials, including some of the toughest materials such as concrete, metal, and glass. The only materials that diamond drills can’t cut through are wood and diamond.

Types of Diamond Drills

Now you know how diamond drilling works, you need to know what types of diamond drills there are.

There are three types of diamond drills each with its benefits/uses:

Handheld Diamond Drill:

 Handheld Diamond Drilling

  • You can use it in smaller spaces
  • Anchoring isn’t necessary, so therefore there will be no anchor hole.
  • Useful for smaller drilling projects.


  • You can use the handheld drill for projects in confined spaces
  • Minimal holes are needed
  • Where it is not possible to use a drill that requires an anchor hole

Rig Based Diamond Drill:

Rig-Based Diamond Drilling

The drill is mounted onto a rig that can be anchored to either a wall or floor allowing drilling to commence either horizontally or vertically.


  •  It reduces HAV’s
  • You can use it horizontally or vertically

Trailer Mounted Diamond Drilling Rigs:

Trailer Mounted Diamond Drilling Rigs

Trailer mounted diamond drilling rigs are self-contained towable units that contain: a generator power source, a 500-litre water carrier and a diamond drilling motor in one unit.


  • Reduces HAV’s
  • It has a generator power source, therefore making this drill perfect for large open space with limited power access
  • Bolting down is not necessary.


To conclude, diamond drilling works by simply using a drill bit ,with integrated diamond segments, within the blade to grind almost any material to create precise holes.