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Administrative & Secretariat Services

Administrative & Secretariat Services


Training and Assessment Consultants Ltd offer the not-for-profit sector full support in providing administration and other related services.

The range of services available ensures that the organisation gets the support that it requires and fulfills its legal obligations allowing trustees and directors to concentrate upon the organization’s core objectives. By comparison to many companies offering similar services, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience at our disposal and can provide you with unrivalled support. The ethos of our business is client focus and customer care, as well as working with you to enable your organisation to provide its members and associates with the best possible service.

Furthermore, our aim is to alleviate you and your colleagues from onerous administration in order for you to concentrate solely on the main objectives of your organisation. Part of the value proposition of being managed by a specialist association management company is the intellectual capital of its staff, and their ability to leverage its corporate intellectual capital to benefit its individual clients. The collective knowledge of client executives, meeting planners, accountants, project coordinators, and other support resources creates a vast pool of information that ensures each client is manageable at the highest possible level. Through this unique operating model, we offer associations of all sizes the opportunity to draw on staff with expertise to which it might not otherwise have regular access, as well as the organizational knowledge of a broad team of experienced association professionals.


Following these points, we provide a full range of administrative, secretariat and project management services to membership organisations:

  • Specializing in membership services
  • Support and advice
  • Exhibition and event management
  • Database management
  • Website development
  • Accountancy services
  • Online and print communications
  • Marketing and publications.

Additionally, we also provide a nationwide service for training and assessment from our base in Nottingham, apprenticeship delivery and qualifications.

We are an accredited CITB, NOCN & PASMA Centre. We support and facilitate members on training plans, grants and funding.


Within the marketing department, the main objective is to increase brand awareness to our target audience; which is potential employers and employees in the construction industry. We aim to do this by advertising valuable information about our company on social media and on our website. This information is focused on the courses and qualifications we offer; and the benefits in comparison to other companies. Using Google Analytics and meta analytics data, we can measure our marketing strategies.


Finally, we currently undertake these services for the Drilling and Sawing Association; we have the resources to expand within the specialist sector and would welcome the opportunity to work alongside a trade body. They also attend meetings on behalf of the specialist sector and believe this would benefit associations. Furthermore, we have various training and advisory committees; Also, we are regularly involved in attracting funding from various sources to support members’ expansion.



🎉 Announcing New Intake for Level 3 Upskilling Programme - July 11th-12th! 🎉

We are thrilled to open enrolment for our Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Work Supervision (Construction) Upskilling Programme. This qualification is perfect for those looking to advance their careers in the construction industry.