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Remote Controlled Plant For Crushing & Breaking Preparing For Work

Course information:

Course length: 1 day

Training methods: Classroom, Demonstration and Practical

Method of assessment: End test in both theoretical and practial elements

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Remote Controlled Plant For Crushing & Breaking Preparing For Work

The purpose of training against this standard is to provide the candidates with the knowledge and understanding of carrying out Crushing and Breaking operations safely.

Course Content

  • Pre-Use Checks
  • Establish and connect power supply (including cable management)
  • Daily Maintenance
  • Fit correct attachment
  • Travelling & Manoeuvring
  • Establish exclusion zone
  • Arrangements for removal of debris
  • Carry out offloading procedures
  • Inspect for access and egress
  • Determine safe working load
  • Comply with Method Statement & Risk Assessment
  • Environmental changes
  • Post stop checks (including shutting down procedures)
  • Store and secure

Course renewal

A non-mandatory refresher course is recommended every 3 years.

Lots of time was provided to discuss subjects and ask questions. I Found the group activities and discussions very useful and a good way of learning from others experiences.

Ray Wicks Foster Contracting Ltd

Course content delivered in a manner that is easy to understand and absorb. Made to feel extremely welcome by trainer and course provider despite my lack of knowledge and understanding for course content at the beginning. Extremely knowledgeable course and would recommend to anyone looking to further their understanding.

Josh Hare J Hare Diamond Drilling

Very easy booking process with helpful guidance. Course content very good and professionally delivered. Attendees made to feel at ease in a friendly environment, making participation easy. Feedback from operatives is they provide a faultless services and are very thorough.

Colin Walker Truecue Diamond Drilling Ltd

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